Electrical Power Systems

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Powerboat - Weekender

30-40ft motoryacht

Generally sailing for a weekend or midweek, sometimes anchored without access to shore power so you need enough power to cruise for two days. You also desire a range of comforts onboard, including a large refrigerator, microwave/oven combination and high-end coffee/espresso machine. Internet and email facilities are on your wish list as is (partial) navigation using your laptop, a good sound system and occasionally watching your favourite TV show.

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Powerboat - Circumnavigation

40-50 ft motoryacht

As you explore the world for weeks or even months at a time, shore power is in general not available. Nonetheless, you are not prepared to economise on luxury onboard facilities. Due to the high consumption of onboard items such as the air conditioning we have selected a generator that can easily supply all AC consumers.

When the generator is not switched on, for example at night, the batteries supply the required capacity. The size of the battery set depends on your specific requirements. The robust Mass battery chargers and Mass Sine inverter ensure a professional and reliable system that will guarantee you a memorable trip. PDF

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Powerboat - Blue water

50-70ft motoryacht

You often make long trips and despite the luxury onboard facilities do not want to have to constantly depend on shore power. Ease and comfort are important and you like to have the same conveniences as you do at home while also being able to use a when moored in the harbour.

Your comprehensive navigation system is spread across various indoors and outdoors screens, and you have a hydraulic, remote controlled passerelle. You also expect the components of the electric system to be seamlessly compatible with each other and provide a carefree system performance. Wherever you are, you also need complete security of service should there be a malfunction. PDF

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Sail - Blue water

60ft+ motoryacht

You make long sailing trips and have plans for a trip around the world. All extended voyages require careful preparation and route planning, plus the right equipment onboard. Your electric system needs a great deal of attention, not least because you will be using many consumers throughout the vessel and have specific power facilities such as the navigation system to cater for.

Issues of redundancy are also a vital consideration should a calamity occur. By intelligently separating consumers, for example forward, amidships and aft, you ensure maximum continuity and know that any possible disruption need not totally shut everything down at the same time.