Research, Material and Trading Partner Companies

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HVAC Equipment Supplier

One of the world’s premier suppliers of airconditioning in building and marine applications, renowned for reliability and quietness.

We utilise the Daikin range on most of our building projects for the provision of a productive and comfortable climate in buildings.

Ongoing provision of Daikin support is assured, with the experience that it is unlikely to be needed.

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Bruel & Kjaer

Acoustic Measurement Equipment

Suppliers of outstanding quality acoustic measurement and analysis equipment, depended on for extreme accuracy and ultimate stability.

We have utilised Bruel & Kjaer equipment for over 20 years and have the highest regard for the quality of results produced.

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IT Security

IT Security made simple. Complex threats, diffuse boundaries and advanced persistent threats mitigated.

None of our customer base protected by Sophos have suffered malware, breach or rootkit. Five years of protection.

Endpoints, servers, web, email, mobile, cloud - defence in depth that works.

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Clion Marine

Engineered Marine Air Conditioning

Integrated Systems for Marine HVAC

Built from the global experience of leading marine industry professionals by high end automotive AC manufacturers using efficient technology. A truly new brand taking the marine HVAC sector forward.

Conventional self contained and chilled water systems, hydraulic and direct drive.

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Marine Industry Suppliers

Reliable sourcing for quality products, proven over time.

From brassware to electronics, we have relied on Aquafax for many years.

A family owned company providing cost effective solutions and upright service, which is increasingly rare in business today.

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Blue Sea

Marine Electrical Equipment and Switchgear

Longevity and innovation in marine equipment is very desirable, and when it comes with good aesthetics and (rarely needed) support, that is an achievement to be proud of.

On a variety of vessels, including our own boats, Blue Sea switching and power management has proved to be reliable and good to use.

In fair weather and foul, reliable electrics matter.

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Audio Equipment

Leading the field in cost effective innovation.

For transient setups and installed equipment Behringer has proved extremely cost effective in a variety of situations.

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Marine Power

Management and control of the power sources, storage, inverters, batteries and components of marine power systems.

High efficiency conversion, protective battery management, earth and shore power safety switching and high reliability are prime reasons for choosing Mastervolt Power.

People we work with

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Adrian Graves Associates

Public Relations Consultants

From parliament to press and social media, AGO provides a structurally positive public aspect to our company profile that helps gain business credibility.

The Adrian Graves Organisation is one of the UK’s longest established and most experienced strategic consulting and communications practices. It brings together a unique integrated approach to planning and positioning; corporate and public affairs; marketing and business development.

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Aura Air Conditioning

Economax & Designer

Flexible packaged HVAC units that meet todays performance requirements. Manufacturer of bespoke HVAC plant for conference centres and other large areas of high volume people traffic.

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Burton Bolton & Rose

Employment Agency

The human touch that makes the difference. Reliable and personable recruitment consultants. We value their opinion on a range of recruitment issues.