Satellite Internet

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VSAT satellite internet solutions from EPAK® - No compromises.

Benefit from EPAK´s long-term expertise for VSAT marine satellite antennas supply and airtime provision. Using the patented EBF-Gyro, EPAK VSAT systems guarantee highest network availabilities for broadband services even under hardest conditions.

Combined with optimized airtime connectivity is brought to every vessel. EPAK's marine antennas of the VSAT series comply with ETSI 302 340 and are compatible with various modems such as STM, iDirect, Satnet, Hughes, Paradise Datacom, and Romantis...

Two versions of the maritime satellite antenna are available:

- Ri, for internet connection in calm waters and urban areas.

- DSi, the VSAT systems in Ku or Ka-band projected high speed connections and open seas.

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